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With our online web to print tool, you can create your order, and we’ll take care of the printing for you.

What is Web to Print?

Web to Print. It’s a descriptive title for a clever online tool. By that, we mean you go on the web and create your order, and we print it. It’s simple, efficient, and cost effective.

Web to print services are called many things. Remote publishing, print eCommerce solutions, or online print solutions (OPS). It’s also referred to as Web2Print, or even W2P. We call our web to print service Galloways POD, printing on demand.

How it Works

After 150 years in the printing industry, we know a thing or two about print project management. That means we know where bottlenecks in the process can occur, and how to relieve them.

Galloways POD is a central hub using web to print software. Think of it as a storefront for your business’s digital assets. You can access it from anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

It is housed on a secure web platform, which requires an account to access. If you have multiple users, Galloways can provide individual logins for each. User activity is logged, and can be restricted, allowing different levels of permission. This allows POD clients to control who may create content, and who has authority to hit the print button.

Galloways POD gives you instant access to your artwork library. We can provide artworked templates with bespoke preset designs for brochures and business cards, leaflets and letterheads. Preset designs maintain brand and colour consistency. That leaves you free to add your text and images to the templates, and send them to be printed. Bottlenecks are removed from the process. There’s no waiting for proofs approval or sign off. There’s no communication delay. Pre-printed stock is ready for immediate call off.

Alternatively, if you would like completely customisable templates, we can provide those too. You can print even stock that we’ve already produced. POD allows you access to product stock levels, recent orders, and current spend. Reports and management information can be viewed, and downloaded, instantly.

Galloways POD is a flexible print solution for any busy businesses. You create your order, we print it. POD puts you in control.

Bigger Benefits

Web to print services are efficient. Instant proofs, short ordering processes and 24/7 access minimise wait times and avoid costly mistakes. POD means you can print your marketing materials at the click of a mouse.

Instant print can help to reduce marketing campaign costs. POD requires less administration, particularly where artworked templates are used. This frees up time that can be spent on the busyness of business.

Online print services are cost effective. Sourcing your printed marketing materials from a single supplier – centralised purchasing – can generate cost savings, as well as time.

POD is versatile. Once a template is ready, it can be downloaded as a PDF for desktop printing, or sharing electronically. Or, you can send it to print, and let us do the rest.

On demand printing technology reduces waste. Our state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities mean we can print you a single copy, or several hundreds. With on demand printing, we use only what is necessary to print the product. And as we print only what you need, POD means there’s no unnecessary paper use. 100% quality, practically 0% material waste.

Web to print connects people. It’s an indispensible tool for businesses with multiple site locations, domestic or abroad. POD means we can take your order from anywhere in the world. Whatever your business aspirations, local or global, Galloways POD is future proof.

The key factors remain the same,

  • 24/7 Access
  • Ease of use
  • Consistent pricing
  • Consistent quality
  • Integration into existing procurement systems

What type of business?

Galloways POD is useful for any business of any nature or size, it might be the customer had lots of standard products but just doesn’t have enough time in normal working hours to order those items. Franchise chains find Galloways POD a real benefit to allow their licensees quick and easy access to order their print and marketing collateral at a time to suit them, but also ensuring brand consistency runs through every product.

The message here is your products, to your brand guidelines, pre-agreed available to order 24/7

To find out more information about our web to print service, and how it can benefit your business? No problem click here to arrange a demo.


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