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We recognise our clients’ demands, and industry expectations for artwork approval. We also understand the artwork process can involve working long hours to tight deadlines to ensure the project that has been worked on for months arrives at its destination on time.

We appreciate at times there is a delay to artwork sign off, which directly affects the production time of any given project – which is why we have invested in automated artwork approval to allow us to help you.

What is ’Automated Artwork Approval’?

As with any ordering process, consumers now expect to receive things instantaneously. With the specialities and intricacies involved in print production this isn’t always possible. However, through investing in technology we have drastically streamlined our pre-press department to ensure your proof for final check can be submitted back to you within minutes eradicating a lot of touch points resulting in lost time – providing artwork is supplied as per the specification supplied.

This is generated through an online proofing portal, allowing proofs to be automatically generated, and signed off with direct links to our production workflow – allowing us to get your job printed and finished quicker, in turn delivering to you faster.

Why have we made this investment?

Naturally, with the growth of digital print coupled with the huge rise in our number of jobs passing through the factory at any one point, we had to make changes to allow our pre-press team to work on the more intricate jobs needing colour correction or design amendments.

By automating our preflight checks,prepress and colour management through our partnership with GMG Color, our clients will receive an approval link to their artwork highlighting print concerns such as image resolution, areas to consider such as trapping and errors we notice with customer artwork such as pagination being wrong compared to specification.

Of course, we realise certain clients still require hard copy colour critical proofs – and that option is still available upon request.

How are we achieving ‘automation’?

Through using new technologies, combined with our depth of print knowledge we are able to check client files via pre-set rules faster, enabling us to get proofs back to you automatically. These automatic proofing checks will flag for:

  • Los Res Images
  • Missing Fonts
  • Job Spec Discrepancies (Pagination and Number of Colours)
  • Missing bleed
  • Overprint areas

From there, we can either advise a fix or ask our clients to resupply complete new artwork, allowing us to get your job to press faster, in turn enabling faster turnaround times.

Of course, there is still the option to make amends on your proofing – which is logged and saved against our job records.

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