The Art Of Nation Building

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We were commissioned to produce a trilogy of unique high end brochures titled, ‘The Art of Nation Building’ – an unusual subject and a project that demanded visually stunning results.

Precious time was spent weeks working alongside the designer on the project researching different ideas, finishing techniques and finally, sending digitally printed proofs to the clients offices, based on two different continents to add a further complication.

Upon approval, we were up against it to produce 50 sets of 3 books, all with their own foiled and embossed design and all to be presented within a gold foiled embossed slip case. The books ranged from 52 to 104 pages each portraying a different approach and framework for nation building.

Once we had complete sign off, we had 6 days to digitally print, foil, die cut the slip case to shape and bind the books before eventually dispatching internationally.

A job that challenged at just about every stage from design through to delivery, but having successfully delivered the project to its destination on time it was great to hear the feedback of how much the end user liked the project.

To understand more on this project please contact Al Davison.

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