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The Covid-19 pandemic had a massive part to play in the acceleration of an online society. The world has been moving increasingly towards digital for many decades. Millions of children learned online. Many thousands of business transactions were coordinated from colleagues’ homes. The internet kept us connected.

Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and of course Zoom – all reported seismic growth as a result of the pandemic. Businesses across the world were forced to review their business models, and diversify, to mitigate losses, and survive.

Covid-19 changed the way customers find, and want to deal with companies. Three things have become increasingly clear.

First is the importance of a digital presence. Customers spend more time online, and buying habits have changed to reflect that. In May 2022, seasonally adjusted internet sales accounted for 26.6% of all official retail sales, compared with 19.7% in February 2020.* Having a digital presence means you’re in with a chance to win business that foot-fall alone can’t offer.

Second is the need to reduce operational costs.

Third is the advantage of accessing information remotely. Cloud-based digital infrastructure and software provide a central location for information. They can be accessed and managed as easily from your bathroom as your boardroom.

We’ve a solution

Imagine being able to access branded templates – editable, and ready-to-print – from anywhere, at any time.

Visualise being able to approve your print work and send it to print, from anywhere, at any time.

Imagine the power of brand consistency across multiple sites, a franchised network, or even just multiple users. Also, knowing that the same high-quality product will be produced, every time the print button is pressed.

You may be familiar with the term “web-to-print.” Even if you’ve not come across the term before, it is self-explanatory: you go on the web, you create you order and we print it for you.

Web2Print can also be known as remote publishing, or a print e-commerce solution. We call it as it is.

Introducing Galloways Portal

Our print portal allows you to remotely order branded marketing collateral, and we do the rest. It’s so simple, you won’t even need to talk to us! Simply place your order on your own, branded portal, and wait for it to be delivered.

Five big benefits

Web-to-print and cloud-based software has already proven to be a game changer.

Accessible 24/7 from anywhere, user-friendly, it’s an eco-friendly way to print. Here are five big benefits we absolutely love.

1: Minimise mistakes

Your portal’s automated workflow lowers the number of touch points required for print. This in turn reduces your operational costs, by allowing your staff to focus on more profitable tasks. People make mistakes. Without the need to re-key information, the opportunity for any human error creeping in the process is also minimised.

2: Efficient process

Our portal software allows you to see your design and proof your print job before you press the print button. Once it’s submitted, your job will be placed in a queue for automated pre-press or digital printing, saving you time on turnaround. You can do this without any need for us to get involved, although we’re always on hand, if you need us.

3: Stock control

Your portal is a central repository of your branded marketing collateral. With our print on demand service, it’s no longer necessary to store boxes of materials. Simply order what you want from your inventory items, when you want. Choose from branded templates, ready-to-print, or editable templates that enable you to launch a new campaign with ease. Ordering on demand will also minimise waste – the environment will love you for it.

4: Purchasing control

We know that marketing, and printed and packaging materials are an investment. Mistakes are costly. Your portal allows you to control who is creating, proofing, and purchasing print, great for a large or remote marketing team. Our software enables us to set up several log-ins on your account, and the option to customise access levels. That allows for flexibility in your purchasing process, with accountability throughout. Orders placed on your portal are stored, making reordering even easier. Users can also view the status of their orders, whenever they like.

5: No limits

We may have already mentioned that Galloways Portal can be accessed 24/7/365 by anyone, anywhere. The complete flexibility offers total convenience for any business, accommodating busyness, 24-hour operations, and time-differences.

Galloways Portal: Made in Manchester, accessible anywhere.

Call us today to find out more on 01625 870000.


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