Best brochure printing in the UK

The best brochure printing in the UK

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You could be forgiven for thinking that brochure printing in the UK is a thing of the past. Daily, we are bombarded with information – some sought, some thrust upon us. Mobile phones; tablets; billboards; TVs; laptops and desktops – everywhere we go, we are immersed in a tsunami of technology. This is progression, this instantaneous access to digital information, and it has undoubtedly impacted the printing profession.

Newspaper sales have been recording a steady decline since the 1950s. A decline which has accelerated in direct correlation with the accessibility and availability of multi-media news platforms. Newspaper circulation has fallen and UK household expenditure on newspapers fell from a 2005 value of £4.45bn, to less than £2.8bn in 2020.

Catalogue shopping has moved from glossy brochures to online portals. Some shops still provide printed copies on request, or for a fee. In July 2020, Argos announced it would cease to print its catalogue – a significant move for the chain after 48 years in publication. At its peak, the Argos catalogue was Europe’s most widely-printed publication, with more than 10 million copies printed.

However, despite the planet’s population’s partiality to the digital movement, there is still real benefit to printed media.

For example, it’s easy to distribute, and you can place it in key locations that support your marketing strategy, in eye-catching displays. You can pack it full of information and reinforce your brand and company values. This can be done through design elements, paperweight and your choice of binding. You can even flex your eco-friendly credentials and use carbon balanced paper for your print products.



Here comes the science bit

A 2014 Italian study of print found that readers of books and brochures absorb a greater amount of content than a digital copy. Scientists believe this is due to the tactile sensation of holding the printed. This is great news for businesses that promote their products with prospectuses, newsletters, and employee handbooks or training booklets.

Printed copy is easier to navigate than digital, requiring simple page-turning rather than scrolling, clicking back, or opening new browser windows. It’s also easy to mark your place with a print copy, which makes it ideal for companies that use printed brochures to sell their services.

Print is more immersive for its reader, and less distracting than viewing information on a screen, so you’ll hold your customers’ attention for longer. This makes it a prime medium for people in advertising, and sales, especially when combined with crisp imagery.

Perhaps unusually, the scent of printed products is also important. Although they don’t sound very nice, these odorous volatiles add to the overall experience of holding a booklet or brochure. We might be biased, but we think the smell of ink on paper is incredible in its own right. We can even produce scented print, like the fragranced holiday brochure for Kuoni. This shows that print companies are stepping up to the challenge of keeping print premium, even in this electronic age.

print for the senses

And who can resist a beautifully bound hardback cover coffee table book, full of high-quality images and crisp, clear text? Sometimes, only print will do, and that’s where we recommend digital brochure printing.

Fast, flexible, and fabulous

Digital printing is an effective and flexible way to promote your business. Whether it’s a short print run of a single copy, or several thousand copies, Galloways specialises in digital brochure printing in the UK. Our in-house technology offers digital printing that is cost-effective without compromising on the high quality your customers expect.
We offer digital brochure printing across a range of paper weights and qualities, in a variety of sizes. We offer several binding options, based on the number of pages in your brochure PUR saddle stitch or wire-bound binding.

Need help? No problem!

With so many options available, we know it isn’t always easy to narrow it down. Maybe you’d like someone to guide you through the differences between PUR and perfect binding. Or assure you that a full bleed is a valid printing term and not the result of a nasty paper cut. Just call us on 01625 870000 and one of our friendly print colleagues will be pleased to answer your questions.

Want to change something? No problem!

Digital printing means your artwork is stored online, so it can be easily adapted or updated. This makes it easy to redesign your marketing with a target audience in mind. With electronic storage, we can reprint easily too, so you’re in control of your print products, not overwhelmed by them.

Want web to print? No problem!

With Galloways POD, our web to print service, you can be growing your brand awareness within hours of uploading your artwork. You won’t even need to speak to us, although we’d be happy to hear from you.

Need it tomorrow? No problem!

We know it’s not always possible to plan ahead, but if you need marketing materials in a hurry, we can help. We pride ourselves on our fast print turnaround, offering high quality print, ready to deliver in just one day*.

For digital brochure printing in the UK, choose Galloways. Call us today on 01625 870000.

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