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Perfect Prospectus Printing

In August 2022, the UK Government announced that a record number of 18-year olds were taking up their place at university. Overall, 425,830 students of all ages and domiciles would be going onto university, a record for an examination year.

In total, there are 381 Further Education establishments and 142 universities* in the UK. That represents a lot of choice for students, as they make fundamental choices about their future.

Not to mention there are around 2,500 independent schools in the UK, providing education to over 615,000 pupils each year.

Some establishments attract attention due to their famous cohort. Influencer model and Made in Chelsea star Issy Baum studies at Manchester Metropolitan. Royalty attendance at St Andrew’s continues in the form of Lady Louise Windsor, who is reading English. Bristol includes Celebrity Gogglebox personality Woody Cook (son of Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim) among its students.

But without a celebrity endorsement – and even with – when it comes to recruiting, how can you boost your student figures?

Print is an integral part of the student recruitment process, yet it is often overlooked. Discover how your printer can boost enrolment figures.

First Impressions Count

Your prospectus brochure should make a positive impression. Its style should be representative of your place of education. A traditional university might wish to opt for a classical style of brochure, to reflect the time honoured traditions and history of its buildings. A more modern school building, perhaps offering creative courses, might wish to choose a contemporary style, or incorporate folds or modern fonts.

Whatever the style, that vital first impression needs to grab attention.

The content should be informative, but easy to read. Brochures allow people to glance at the information schools and colleges provide, even if they’re skimming through it.

Brochures are convenient to pass around too, which widens the audience you reach. While a lot of information is sought, and shared, online, physical copies are handy to share. They can also easily be placed inside newspapers and magazines, to reach prospective parents. The majority of parents take a hands-on approach to their child’s education, to ensure they have a good future. If they like your prospectus, you’ve got their attention. They are more likely to follow up with action such as attending open events and taster sessions.

Students or their parents are making critical decisions about what and where to study. Your content should allow them to start making informed choices about their future: what you include in your prospectus is of vital importance. A well designed and informative prospectus can help orientate them for the next chapter in their educational career.

Perfect Prospectus Design

Your university, college or school prospectus is your introduction to your vision, ethical values, and key messages. It’s your chance to provide parents and students with compelling insight into why they should choose your university as their place of study.

The quality of your prospectus is key to portraying your institute at its best. Every part of the design, from your choice of paper, typeface, and finish, to the size and binding options of your prospectus, can be used creatively to reflect your brand.

It’s important to be aware that parents and students may have different priorities when it comes to choosing their university, so your content should be inclusive, to meet the needs of both audiences.

Your prospectus should grab attention – you need to encourage people to pick it up. Then you need to encourage people to read the content, and they need to find what they’re looking for easily.

Detail the courses and degrees you offer, explain what learning is like at your school. You could include previous students’ projects, showcasing the opportunities they’ve been given and the successes they’ve achieved. Include information on your teaching staff, research and resources. Reference entry requirements, and details fees, including any bursary grants available.

High quality photography of your campus will help readers get a feel for the site. Details of accommodation, clubs, and the cost of a pint in the Union will be as important as the courses you offer for some students.

Make your content interesting and exciting: your words are helping to frame futures. Diagrams and infographics help readers digest content at a glance. Key messages and calls to action should be clear. Website addresses, social media channels, and other relevant contact information should be easy to find. A brochure can stand alone, and is an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Prospectus Printing

When it comes to printing your prospectus, you may look to choose from the two most popular printing methods: lithographic print, or digital print. Generally for medium to long print runs, lithographic printing provides excellent value for high volume quantities and high end finishes. The versatility of digital printing allows for thousands of copies, or a single copy. It also provides excellent results with a quick turnaround, at cost effective prices. Find out more about how to choose your printing partner here.

Easy as A, B, C

Our prospectus printing services provide you with flexibility, cost certainty and the support you need to be creative, efficient and effective. We’re also proud to be an eco-friendly printer.

We’ve been producing quality print since 1870, even before the University of Manchester was established. Call us today, on 01625 780000, and speak to a member of our friendly team about printing the perfect prospectus with Galloways.

*Source: DfE 2019/2020

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