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Say it with Print: Why use Print Collateral for marketing

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What is Print Collateral?

Print collateral is any printed communication material used to promote a company’s products or services. This includes everything from business cards or brochures to direct mail and promotional items. There are many different types of printed collateral that still work exceptionally well in driving new business and sales through the front door.

The success of your marketing collateral is heavily dependent on professionally communicating what you have to offer, whilst making great impressions.

Our high-quality printed solutions are perfect for creating printed marketing collateral with impact.

Printed Marketing Collateral is neglected

Even in this digital marketing era, it’s easy to think that printed marketing communications no longer hold their weight in ink and paper.

However, printed collateral is still an effective way to market your business. With print, people can touch and feel your brand. This emotive connection can help develop your customers’ relationship with you. Printed marketing collateral should be a part of your marketing strategy.

In fact, when compared to email, print media wins. A study by the USPS shows that 67% of people find physical printed and posted communications to be more personal than their digital counterparts.

Additionally, 90% of people open their physical printed mail daily, while the average open rate for emails is 20-30%. People still have a very personal connection with traditional printed material.

8 Pieces of Marketing Collateral every company must have

Printed marketing collateral can instantly communicate everything a client or potential customer should know about your business. It can build brand awareness and effectively demonstrate your unique value proposition through the desired medium. By having a consistent stock of the below marketing collateral will help keep you ahead of the game:

Why is Printed Marketing Collateral important?

  • Drives Sales – The right print collateral can help inspire your customers to notice you, generate enquiries and drive sales for your business
  • Educates prospects and customers – Education is a huge part of the sales cycle. Marketing collateral is a great way to educate both clients and potential customers about your company, services and products
  • Can help to overcome objections and drive purchases: Many customers have questions or issues that stand in the way of them making a purchase. Through marketing collateral, you can identify and get over customer objections and drive purchases
  • Creates more customer touchpoints: Most consumers need multiple encounters with your brand before they are interested. Printed marketing collateral allows you to have more customer touchpoints
  • Brand Image: A well designed and informative piece of marketing collateral speaks volumes about your brand and business and elevates you above your competitors.

5 Reasons many Companies get Print Collateral wrong

You’re not targeting your audience

No matter how brash, colourful, or clever your printed collateral is, if you’re not targeting the right people, you won’t get a response. Focus on potential prospects suited to your business – whether that’s a nurtured mailing list or targeted data purchase demographic.

You created the wrong message for your audience

What’s the point of targeting the right audience if you are going to deliver the wrong message? Once you know exactly who your prospects are – offer to solve their problem. Make sure you clearly express your value in your printed marketing. When brainstorming the creatives, always keep your target audience in mind and curate a message that speaks volumes.

Your collateral persuades no-one

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to focus on the features, rather than the benefits. This is because informing is not the same thing as persuading. By sharing the benefits rather than just informing the features, helps address the reader’s problem.

You didn’t include a call-to-action

And speaking of being persuasive, nothing is more persuasive than telling the reader exactly what to do. Don’t spend your time targeting the right audience and curating the perfect message that clearly outlines benefits if you’re not going to ask for the sale. Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do: visit your website, call you, scan your QR code or like you on Facebook.

Branding is off brand

It’s very important to ensure all your printed marketing and content is written to ensure your brand’s ‘voice’. By doing this, your customers are more likely to place their trust in your business and the services you offer.

Be the best in your industry

To elevate yourself above your competitors, we can assist you in delivering your focused message that aligns with your business objectives. From promotional or corporate merchandise to brochures and leaflets, we can help promote your business, drive sales, keep consistent branding, and build brand awareness.

Our professional team will help you create beautifully printed marketing collateral that truly connects with your customer base.

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