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Perfect gifts for Marketing Managers

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Marketing Managers. They have a tough old job, don’t they? Keeping everyone happy, in the loop and fully engaged can be a challenge.

If you’ve drawn your Marketing Manager in the office Secret Santa, you might be stumped for what to get them – after all, they hold the purse strings and get all the freebies.

Here at Galloways, we work with Marketing and Comms people day in and day out – and we reckon we’ve come up with a list of the perfect gifts to make them smile – and keep you in their good books!

Perfect gifts for the Grammatically correct

Marketing Managers are the grammar police – after all, it’s their job! These gifts will raise a smile  – and teach a few lessons in the process! Nothing says Christmas like a bit of passive aggression …..

Amazon £8.99

Amazon £8.93

Not on The High Street £7.50 per pack

Desk Gifts

When the Marketing Manager’s head is down and the ear buds are in, approach with caution. This handy sign spells it out for those team members who just don’t get it.

Amazon £3.99

Let’s be fair – Marketing Manager’s have a pretty stressful time of it. There’s always a deadline to meet, a budget to manage and Steve from the Sales team chasing for new product brochures.

Give your Marketing Manager a few minutes of tranquillity with this mini Zen garden for their desk, complete with mini rake.

£19.99, Bentley’s House of Gifts

On the Go Gifts

It might not seem the most imaginative gift but this could be a godsend for a Marketing Manager who is always on the phone and needs to keep fully charged while on the move.

Amazon £12.99

These creative types need somewhere to jot down all their fabulous ideas – for capturing all those ‘eureka’ moments – or just plain old doodling – this is the perfect notebook with a well-placed-ego boost. £5.00

Gifts for Book Worms

A little light reading and reassurance that it’s not just happening to you.

Amazon £6.47

Amazon £8.99

Practical Gifts

Getting the colour right is everything to a marketing manager. These stylish water bottles will not only keep your colleague hydrated, but are pretty special visually. For extra Brownie points, why not keep things on brand and choose one in your corporate colours? Just – make sure you get the right colour!

Amazon £14.99

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