Paul Hughes has been an essential part of the Galloways sales force for the past eight years. For many of our customers, he is the key contact from the beginning to the end of every project.

We shot some quick fire questions at him:

Best bit of the job?

An easy question for a sales person! Naturally, opening a new account.

The most memorable/amusing/crazy print request you’ve ever had?

A client asked me to supply some very specific envelopes to his house in Switzerland the next day – it had to happen and money was no object! We got them on a train from Scotland that afternoon  – and then the client chartered his private helicopter and hi private jet, ensuring the envelopes made it to Switzerland the next day as requested.

That one stands out!

Is print dead?

Absolutely not! Print is still considered an essential means of communication and clients are becoming more considered in their print approach to ensure it sits in line with the wider marketing strategy.

What’s the way forward for print?

Bespoke pieces are where it’s at. People are busy and a wow factor is required to grab their attention.  More bespoke, made to measure projects fully engage the client whatever the project medium.

A little-known fact about yourself?

I once entered a Lion cage on my own to stroke the large cat… possibly not my best idea,  but I lived to tell the tale!

What’s your super power?

Humility. I have a natural ability to find a common ground with most people that I meet – essential in my line of work.