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What is Web to Print? And why it’s a must for teams working apart.

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Hearing the familiar sound of a zoom meeting call is fast becoming the norm for people working from home. A quick scramble to fix your hair, make sure you are semi presentable and its lights, camera action, showtime!

Connecting teams who normally work closely or in the same office, and now find themselves disjointed is an ongoing challenge. It’s something we are all dealing with to one degree or another.

But never fear, help is at hand with a growing resource of technology available to us all. Cloud based systems help keep all your work in one place for your remote working teams to have access too.

A godsend if you have forgotten to download that crucial document to your desktop!

Zoom, Teams, Facetime have helped reconnect teams who are apart and helped bring that much needed face to face contact again and help stop us all going stir crazy (to some degree). Video calls are great for your team to discuss ideas, present new initiatives and even hold new business meetings with prospective clients (maybe time to change out of those pyjama’s though).

Does your current way of remote working give you and your team real control? Are you really in control to process urgent orders quickly, look up vital information a client needs right now, or quickly amend and send a job to print there and then?

If the answer is no, a Web to print system may be the answer for you.

So what is a web to print system?

Simply put, it’s a modern way to increase flexibility and efficiency for you and your team. It empowers and removes the barriers of time and people in your supply chain to give you access to all your digital assets and information.

By taking away these barriers, it puts your firmly in control to respond and react on your terms and timescales. If your role means you order printed literature or supplementary items from stock, you (or your team) are now in the driving seat.

No waiting for returned phone calls or emails to confirm orders from suppliers, you action what you need doing and when it needs to be done. Accessed online from any browser, you can jump online anytime and anywhere (well, most likely whichever room you most likely work from at home at the moment!)

Think of it as your central hub for accessing valuable information such as:

  • Brand identity
  • Current spend
  • Stock levels
  • Recent orders
  • Pre printed stock for call off
  • Your artwork library for recall to print

“We gave ourselves a new level of responsiveness to react to our clients needs quickly by including a web to print system into our companies remote working strategy”

Who would benefit from having a web to print system?

If you’re someone who works in the client services sector or has the responsibility of brand identity, design & print or supply of goods, this could fast become your new best friend.

Who doesn’t love a work life hack that helps make things easier?

Here’s some examples of people and roles who now use this:

  • Designers
  • Account Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Stock controllers
  • Purchasing departments
  • Production Managers
  • Customer service executives

“Introducing our web to print system has been a game changer for us. We spend less time processing orders, and are more efficient now as a team”

Would a web to print system be right for you?

“We have connected our team to a central hub. A place where all our digital assets to be printed, called off from stock or items designed and personalised are available to us 24 hours a day”

Access to your information is important to you and the freedom to do this on your terms (often outside of normal working hours!) this could be perfect for you.

It helps you take back control and puts you in the driving seat to be super responsive.

By including one, you can give your team members:

  • Live access to yours and your clients digital assets
  • The ability to order print (or other associated items) any time of day or night
  • View reports and download management information instantly
  • Get instant access to spend, stock reports or recent orders
  • Flexibility to create new documents from a brand library, keeping tight controls on brand integrity

It’s likely though that we are all going to have to change and adapt a little, as our work environment and hours adjust to what is likely to be a new “normal”.

In the months to come we will still be challenged to look for new, more flexible and productive ways to do our jobs. A good Web to print system, integrated into your business by experts is a very powerful tool.

Sounds good?

Learn how you can introduce a whole new level of freedom and control with the simple click of a mouse.

For more information contact us at – Sales@galloways.co.uk  or visit us at www.galloways.co.uk/our-services/web-to-print/

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