The Horizon Stitchliner Mark 3

Meet our newest member of the team: The Horizon Stitchliner Mark 3

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We’ve got a new addition to the office, The Horizon Stitchliner Mark 3. It’s a high-end booklet maker which can produce bespoke A4 portrait brochures to 6000 books per hour, and landscape booklets at up to 5,300 books per hour. It’s already putting our other finishing machines to shame by producing quality work more efficiently than any of them. It combines the efficiency and ease of operation of a flat sheet collating machine with the productivity, versatility and quality of a saddle-stitching system. It can collate, score, fold, and saddlestitch booklets, catalogues, magazines for next day delivery.

Firstly – what is saddle stitching?

Saddle stitching is a popular bookbinding method in which folded sheets are gathered together, one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with the staples. The saddlestitch method is most effective for booklets and publications with 64 pages or less. Anything more and our PUR-fect bind is more suitable. Despite its low cost and relative simplicity, the saddlestitch method produces a very professional-looking document whilst allowing the document to lay flat.

And what’s so good about this one?

  • It can produce A4 landscape booklets at up to 5,300 books per hour as well as portrait booklets at 6,000 per hour.
  • Previously it would take 3 or 4 days to produce something similar with all the processes involved
  • Beforehand, anything over 6 sections would need pre-collating manually taking time, now we can collate using 18 sections to collate, score, fold, and saddlestitch
  • It can now be operated by a single person
  • Incredible 5-minute set-up time

And why’s it so good for the customer?

  • Faster to the market
  • Cheaper for the customer
  • Potential to produce booklets for the next day
  • Ideal from anything from a small like a pocket guide or large like a corporate brochure
  • Perfect for anything from short runs to thousands of copies
  • Can easily accommodate artwork or images that span two adjacent pages

For something more permanent and delivered next day

When you need something more permanent, there’s nothing like a stitch bound booklet! The Horizon Stitchliner Mark 3 booklet creates beautiful stitch-bound booklets in minutes. Matt Galloway added, “Our clients praise both the quality of the output as well as the speed and efficiency of the machine, and it has a landscape facility slot so it can easily handle longer booklets and irregular sized books.” The Horizon Stitchliner Mark 3 really puts Galloways on the map to aid our customers get their work as efficiently as possible.

Contact our friendly print team today on 01625 870 000 for a fast turnaround and great value book printing and book binding.

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