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First impressions matter most.

Whether it’s the ultimate in shelf appeal, a unique unwrapping experience, or functionality your product demands, the packaging is where the consumer experience starts.

We know that small businesses often need small quantity packaging at a small price. Perhaps you’re planning a test product, a launch, or a one-off or annual event. Promotions, personalised products, and prototypes: short run packaging printing is the affordable, accessible way to bring goods to market. Multiple designs and variable messaging is possible with our digital printing services.

If you need short run packaging printing services, look no further than Galloways. We can help with all your mock-up and make-up needs in-house. From printing to die-cutting and lamination, we can produce beautiful bespoke short run printed packaging in house and at great value.


Packaging, unpacked

Let’s define packaging. We’re not just talking about a box, or a bag. We’re talking about bespoke packaging printing solutions, from captivating design to delivery.

It’s not rocket science that purchase levels are directly connected to visibility. It’s the key reason around 80% of new products fail*.

Perception Research Services (PRS) found that visual contrast to other brands is key to standing out on the shelf. And colour is the strongest tool in the visual contrast tool box. What colours are your competitors’ products sporting? How can you use colour, or combinations of colour to attract attention?

Most packaging contains information about the product: its qualities, ingredients and allergens, instructions, even legal or warning content. Eye-tracking studies showed that consumers look at packaging for only around five seconds. That’s just five seconds to convey critical information to your customer, before they decide whether or not to pick your product up. Keeping your messaging simple will help get that message through to shoppers, and your product off the shelf. All while remaining on-brand, of course.

Packaging also has an important functional role to play: to protect your product from damage. It’s especially important if your product is sensitive or breakable, or is being transported. Keep your products safe, and your reputation solid, by using high quality packaging that ensures your customer isn’t disappointed when they open it up.

Perhaps you would like your packaging to be reusable, like Veuve Cliquot’s Naturally Cliquot. The original packaging Naturally Cliquot 1, was made of grape skins. Designed for safe and easy transportability of their yellow-label champagne, its successor Naturally Cliquot 2 is a biodegradable, recyclable, isothermal container made from potato starch. It’s held together by Velcro so that consumers can reuse the packaging for other drinks.

Naturally Cliquot packaging

And how about a USP?

Maybe you’re looking for multifunctional packaging, such as H&M’s hanger-handle bag. This unique sustainable packaging is a concept from St Louis-based graphic designer Jayvn Solomon. It is based on its appeal to the brand’s target market, and the environmental standards that market expects of brands: another example of customer focused packaging.

And of course, the master of the un-boxing experience is Apple. That iconic smooth slide as the top of the Apple box rises away from the lower section is the result of many, many hours of work. Apple ensures that opening its products boxes is a unique experience: it employs a designer whose sole job is to create packaging. The company also has a designer who spends months opening hundreds of prototype boxes, testing endless versions of box shape, angles and tapes.

When it comes to packaging, consumers really do judge the book by its cover.

Apple packaging

Pack Up Your Troubles

The price to print each unit decreases, the larger the print order. But for many reasons – budget, space, anticipated sales – big print orders are not possible. This is where digital print comes in to its own.

Our digital packaging printing services allow you to order only the packaging you need, solving all these problems – sending them packing, you might say! We are proud of our reputation of delivering high quality print, with a quick turnaround. Our state-of-the-art machinery gives us the flexibility to produce quickly any design you need. We now even offer clear varnish in-press, which is impressive.

The Whole Package

When we say design to delivery, we mean exactly that. When you work with Galloways, you’re working with a business established five generations ago. We have the in-house skills to help bring products and services to market. We’d be delighted to be part of your launch team. We have the in-house capability to provide packaging in a variety of formats, in a number of materials, with various print finishes and feature options.

Our creative team can design eye-catching, shopper-stopping packaging that protects your product and maintains its quality. We’ll help you create but not overwhelm. We’ll create you a unique and attractive design that aligns with your brand identity. We can make unboxing an engaging experience.

And our high-performance digital printers mean that we can provide your short run packaging print job quickly. Digital print is so flexible that you can order only what you need, reducing storage space, and eliminating waste.

We also deliver packaging to your desired location.

Whatever the size of your business, get ahead of the pack. Contact Galloways for your short run packaging printing needs on 01625 870000.

* Professor Christensen Harvard Business School


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