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Anti Bacterial Print. Let us help.

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In these challenging times, we are all looking to do everything that we can to reduce the spread of infection to protect ourselves and others.

At Galloways, we’ve been using Biomaster to provide antimicrobial protection for businesses across several different sectors for some time. From catering to medical companies, many industries have benefited from our anti-bacterial print and Biomaster protected paper.

Protected print? Just what is that?

Biomaster protected paper and board provides effective, lasting antimicrobial protection, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and preventing bacterial build-up in storage. When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, the silver-ion technology prevents them growing, producing energy or replicating…in essence killing all bacteria and lasting for the lifetime of the product.

The technology behind Biomaster makes it highly effective against bacteria and norovirus, one of the most infectious illnesses about. In many environments and industries limiting bacteria is absolutely vital and we have the ability to help with that.

The fight against infection

Biomaster and viruses Biomaster antimicrobial technology is primarily effective against bacteria but is also highly effective against the growth and proliferation of viruses on porous surfaces such as textiles and paper. When microbes land on an untreated fabric or surface they multiply. When they land on the surface of a Biomaster protected fabric or paper, the silver ions trapped in the surface prevent microbial growth.

Covid-19: can Biomaster help?

Of course, what many businesses are keen to know is how Biomaster can protect against the spread of Coronavirus. Biomaster has yet to be tested against Covid-19 on product surfaces, as there is currently no method available by which this could be done effectively.  Although we don’t yet have any data, the microbiology strongly suggests that if Biomaster is effective against Norovirus on porous surfaces, then the active agent is also likely to have an effect on the lipid coating and the essential components required for Covid-19 to function and invade a host.

Unlike alcohol-based gels, disinfectants and oxidisers, Biomaster antimicrobial technology is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the treated article. Biomaster could therefore complement current hygiene guidance by offering additional product protection.

Galloways and Biomaster

Paper is inherently difficult to clean, which makes it a perfect breeding ground for pathogens and a potential source of cross-contamination. Anything from patient files and folders to food packaging and wallcoverings are possible transmission points for harmful microbes. Biomaster paper grade additive can be applied either during manufacture or in post treatment to provide effective, lasting antimicrobial protection, reducing the build-up of microbes on the surface during storage.

Biomaster technology is applied through the coating unit on the litho press in line as it is being printed, and imbedded into the printed product. Therefore the process cannot be used in short run digital print, but all other applications throughout the factory.

In conclusion

In these unprecedented times, there is no dispute that the measures set out by the Government are beginning to help. If you are looking for other ways to help protect your business, your customers and your employees when working with printed products, please give us a call or email us on sales@galloways.co.uk and we will be more than happy offer our expert advice.

Additional information on Biomaster can be found here.

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