The dos and do nots of a company Christmas card

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The company Christmas card is a legend in it’s own right. Every October, marketing teams across the land gather in huddles, butt heads and scrawl on whiteboards to come up with a showstopping offering.

But just what constitutes the best card for your business?

At Galloways, we’ve a fair bit of experience in the department so we’ve put together our top tips for the dos and don’ts of a company Christmas card.

The design

Your company Christmas card needs to be a reflection of your brand – and in a saturated market, it needs stand out. Don’t just plump for an off the shelf version – it’s a real chance to express your company personality. Keep it professional but remember that Christmas is all about the glitz – and let’s face, it you can’t get your glitter pen in December, when can you?

In our tech-driven world there is always the temptation to send a digital card. But remember that no matter how clever you are with your digital marketing; a generic email is never going evoke the same warm festive glow that a Christmas card does.


Just what do you say in a corporate card? Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? Please give us some business next year?

We’d advise that whatever your message, it’s sincere, succinct and personal. Rather than getting the entire team to scrawl their names on 300 + cards, it’s far nicer for the direct contact to hand write a personalised paragraph wishing the receiver a jolly old time.

Consider the environment

People care about the environment these days – and rightly so. Your card can be the most fandangle, eye popping extravaganza that  your customer receives – but if it’s not eco-based it will be swiftly put to the bottom of the (none recycling) pile.

Make sure your card is printed on recyclable card from a sustainable source and choose environmentally friendly ink – your printer can advise on this.

Make your list – and check it twice

There’s no point in sending a card to Sue from Accounts if she left the business last January. Instead, track down Sue’s replacement and use the opportunity to make the introduction.

Likewise never – never – send a generic “to all the team” card. Also, it goes without saying that you need to ensure you’re GDPR compliant

Delivery – hand delivery

Consider delivery costs at the start of the project. Depending on the weight and size of your card they can vary dramatically.

That said, hand delivery trumps the post every time. So, your budget might not quite run to turning up to your customer’s office on a sleigh with a real-life reindeer and fake snow. But sometimes just showing up can have more of an impact than the card that you are delivering. And everyone loves a Santa hat, right?

But don’t leave it to late to get them in the post – here are Royal Mail’s last posting dates

Wednesday 18 December                 2nd Class & 2nd Class Signed For

Friday 20 December                          1st Class & 1st Class Signed for and Royal Mail Tracked 48

Saturday 21 December                      Royal Mail Tracked 24

Monday 23 December                       Special Delivery Guaranteed

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