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Carbon balanced paper: your way to greener living

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No pun intended, climate change is a hot topic. Our environmental consciences are an important factor in business as. A growing number of consumers, when making a purchase, are making sure to consider sustainability. The UK market for ethically and sustainably sourced goods in 2019 was worth £41 billion. This is an almost fourfold rise in value over a 20-year period*.

Being an environmentally friendly business is clearly good for business, and a carbon reduction strategy is a competitive advantage.

The chances are, you’d like to improve your environmental performance – we all need to do our bit. But how? And how much will it cost?

Print Sustainability needn’t cost the earth. For those businesses choosing printing products, using carbon balanced print directly helps care for our planet. It also allows you to offset carbon emissions from your printed products.

What is carbon balancing?

Companies will estimate the carbon impacts of a product or service. Companies will then reduce carbon dioxide output into the atmosphere by the equivalent amount. That is what carbon balancing is.

In 2005, the international World Land Trust established its Carbon Balanced Programme. It is an initiative that provides individuals and organisations with an effective method of fighting climate change. Its also a great chance to lower their carbon impact.

Why should I use carbon balanced paper?

Carbon balanced paper, which funds the protection of forests around the world can offset unavoidable carbon emissions from the production and distribution of paper. From source to point, each step of distribution will have its emissions measured, in order to guarantee carbon balancing.

These forests – the lungs of our planet – absorb and store harmful atmospheric carbon dioxide (C02). Some is released, but the greatest part is stored, and used in the photosynthesis process, generating the oxygen the world needs as a by-product. An average tree, conservatively, absorbs 10kg of carbon annually, but some species of mature trees can absorb as much as 38kg of carbon every year.

By protecting and preserving these threatened forests and habitats – more than 2 million acres in 20 countries, including the UK – the World Land Trust is avoiding the release of stored carbon dioxide from the trees and plants that would have otherwise been destroyed.

It’s not just trees that the World Land Trust and its network of funded partner organisations around the world protect and preserve. The international charity’s conservation includes funding to create reserves, regenerate degraded habitats, and provide permanent protection for threatened habitats and wildlife, and endangered species. The charity works with partner organisations and local communities around the globe to protect the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats, acre by acre.

Perfect paper

Paper is biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable. In fact, it’s one of the world’s greatest sustainable products, and is used in everything from cards to construction.

By choosing carbon balanced paper, you are demonstrating your commitment to make a positive impact on climate change and helping to address a critical threat to our living planet. You are becoming part of the solution.

If you’re looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint, and a greener path to tread, choosing carbon balanced paper is a way to meet, and exceed, environmental policy targets effectively, and affordably.

When you choose carbon balanced paper, we can provide the instantly-recognisable Carbon Balanced logo for your job that demonstrates a commitment to sustainable business.

Flex your eco-friendly credentials and challenge global warming, joining the organisations who care about the impacts of their paper. Choose carbon balanced paper for your business.

Call our friendly print team today on 01625 870000, and ask about carbon balanced paper for your next printing project.

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