We have all felt the pain, chosen the décor within our homes and office environments hung the wallpaper and taken delivery of our electrical fittings only for it to look not quite right when put in-situ. This problem, in the interior design and electrical industry poses a huge problem with electrical fittings being returned, refunded and a different range being selected.

This problem, was discussed and highlighted to Paul Hughes one of our client account managers who in turn left with an idea and a way to eradicate the issue his client was facing.

Through weeks of planning, Paul alongside our studio and digital print team created a concept printing all the electrical fascia range on Heavy Weight Gloss Clear Acetate supplied by Premier Paper, with unique product information cards interleaving the acetate. The acetate was then printed digitally using a 4 colour process underpinned by our digital white ink to give the opacity of an electrical fitting. By doing this, the end user could hold the acetate against the wall; see the full design of the switch in full size against the wallpaper surround prior to order, enabling the end user to make the correct choice first time round. The acetate sheets were then interleaved with product information cards and bound with a nickel screw holding it all together as a pivot point, and passed on for client approval.

Through the designers and Galloways design aid, the concept was tweaked and adjusted and sent to production, produced using over 5000 sheets of specialist acetate and 4000 sheets of silk board.

We hope the project helps and look forward to hearing about it being used in industry.

For more information on the project please contact Paul Hughes.