In recent months, we have seemed to further develop our niche for interior design marketing, helping our clients have the edge over their competition using different finishing techniques to help the job stand out. In this instance, a bathroom company was looking for a finish to the cover of the brochure that would give the look of shower spray. Spot UV Varnish was considered as an option, but with a 3 day turnaround this was not an option.

So on went our thinking caps, and rather than using the traditional methods we proposed running the job litho as normal, but to then put the cover through our digital presses to add a digital spot varnish. This varnish gave the impression of water across the cover of the brochure, giving the desired result as a bathroom company. A very simple yet effective solution.

Our client loved the results, and we think it looks great too!

For more information on this please contact Jason Richardson