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Jason Richardson is our Sales Director and is a long serving member of the Galloways team – he has been with us for 13 years.

As the Sales Director, he’s responsible for maintaining and growing Galloways revenue and sales and leading the sales team. It’s his mission to improve the overall performance of the business by looking after his own clients, finding and hiring the right sales staff, and following new business opportunities.

We grabbed him for the low down on his role:

Best bit of the job?

I love many aspects of my job but two things stand out for me. The buzz you get on the shop floor when the company is busy across all the departments and, as a salesman, the euphoria when the client you have chased for years places their first order.

The most memorable/amusing/crazy print request you’ve ever had?

There have been a few! One that stands out when we were producing a printed sample swatch book for a wood manufacturer. The book contained over 100 printed paper swatches which had a strict brief to match the colour and feel of the real wood. After printing, the sheets had textured spot UV applied to them which followed the grains of the wood. This was the first book of its kind to be used in the timber industry, and really was pretty pioneering.

Is print dead?

It’s not dead  – but it is constantly changing. As digital marketing reaches saturation, more clients are turning to the real sensory experience that you get from the printed sheet. Recent research has found that people are more likely to buy from the advertising shown on print than the equivalent digital media. It’s no surprise really – human’s are tactile creatures after all.

What’s the way forward for print?

Print companies need to work closely with their clients to ensure they are aware of the diverse range of products and services that are at their disposal. Looking where possible to compliment digital campaigns and be personalised to the end client. Providing the facility to have online ordering, storage and distribution will be a key factor, backed up by a responsive customer service. It’s also essential be up to date on current industry trends, so you can speak with authority when you are working alongside customers and graphic designers.

A little-known fact about yourself?

After 13 years working at Galloways I have yet to make a brew for the team!

What’s your super power?

Seeing into the future  – and predicting print trends!

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