Did you know we've been producing print for over 149 years.


For five generations the Galloway family has provided print services to the people of Manchester and beyond.

Established in 1870, the company was originally based at 14 Charlotte Street in the heart of Manchester. Whilst the original building is still there, Galloways has moved on. In the 1930s we moved out of the city to Salford, to premises later completely destroyed in World War Two.

We successfully resurfaced, eventually moving to Stockport in 1964 and then on to our current, purpose built location in Poynton in 1989.

Ownership and the passion for print excellence has passed from founder John Galloway to his nephew and then down the generations from father to son.

A section of historical printing samples.
One of the Heidelberg presses we used to own.
Galloways grew too big for the old premises on Stockport Road.
Big effort moving the printing presses between the two locations.
Last Day at the 4th premises in July 1990, Stockport prior to moving to our current site.
All machinery moved into our current site in Poynton, Cheshire.

I am incredibly proud of Galloways long and rich heritage. I have witnessed many changes over the last two generations, but the most pleasing to me is that which hasn’t changed – the great relationships built with our customers and suppliers.

Mrs R Galloway

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