Consistent colour. Consistently.


Ever looked at several things that have been printed at different times and thought that  the colour of the logo seems a bit off? It can be frustrating, disappointing and downright annoying when things don’t look as they should.

We’ve got over 150 years of experience of working with colour, paper and ink. We also understand technology. We know how to translate a file delivered digitally in to a perfect print. We specialise in swatch matching, colour balancing and aesthetic retouching. We can predict how an image will reproduce depending on the paper stocks and processes that are going to be used; and are colour proofs are industry leading.

That means that the colours you use to protect your brand are reproduced perfectly. We use technology provided by GMG Color to simulate how the printing press will behave which means we don’t have to print a proof multiple times to be sure that it’s accurate, we know that it will be. We can hold your brands’ exact colours so that every time you print the colour is exactly as it should be.

At Galloways the proof is on the plate and on your print.

As always, it was to the wire – and, as always, Galloways went the extra mile – in working with us to ensure a solution for as quick a turnaround as possible without any compromise to quality, service or delivery.

Sally Ann, Managing Director, Wild in Art

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